The Municipal Council has approved the principles for Kvarkenhamnar AB, a company that will be owned by Umeå Kommunföretag (UKF) and the city of Vaasa. The decision also includes the allotment of SEK 15 million to UKF as the shareholders’ contribution for the formation of the company. Kvarkenhamnar will be formed through a limited liability company, which will be owned equally by UKF and the city of Vaasa. It is believed that this expanded collaboration will enhance the efficiency of and strengthen business development and lead to higher volumes of cargo and passengers across the Kvarken Strait.

The new company will rent/lease the port facilities from the respective owners. It will involve land areas with associated buildings, waterways, docks, railway facilities and cranes.

Economies of scale The company will concentrate on port operations, including standard port activities and supplementary services in the form of storage and passenger services, etc. Kvarkenhamnar will generate the opportunity for economies of scale within production and administration, lower investment needs, increased competitiveness, coordination of marketing/business development, coordination of environmental objectives and zone planning.

Other owners At the Council meeting, Jan Hägglund (A) asked about a report that other players could become owners and whether this will lead to privatization. The Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board, Lennart Holmlund (S) and the first Vice Chairman Anders Ågren (M) emphasized that the majority ownership will remain public. In terms of Kvarkenhamnar, it means that the company’s future Board Chairman must come from Sweden, the President from Finland and vice versa. The aim is that the company must be established by January 1, 2015.

More information:

Lennart Holmlund (S), Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board for Umeå Municipality, +46 (0)90-16 12 01 070-550 47 85  

Anders Ågren (M) First Vice Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board for Umeå Municipality, +46 (0)90-16 23 17 070-341 67 64

Claes Björnberg, Press Officer, Umeå Municipality, +46 (0)90-16 13 43 070-390 19 33

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