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Watch the film showing the development of the Port of Umeå

Right now, one of the region's largest construction projects is underway in the Port of Umeå and we are proud to be at the centre of events. Find out why so much is being built and invested in the port, what has happened in the construction projects and what will happen with this film.

For you as a customer, this means the opportunity to come up with longer and more in-depth vessels, that we can offer you more quays and larger areas for warehousing, storage and handling of the goods. The new port enables more efficient cargo handling and higher capacity!

Already we can boast the new ferry terminal with passenger aisle where the world's most environmentally friendly passenger ferry is docking, Wasaline's Aurora Botnia, as well as the centrally located railway terminal that we will soon open. During the spring, construction projects in the inner harbour will start, such as North quay and the Energy quay.

Join us on the journey and check out the film!

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